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Clint Greenleaf is the founder and CEO of the Greenleaf Groups, and was the Founder of Greenleaf Book Group. The author of several books, Clint speaks about entrepreneurship, personal finance for parents and children and publishing across the country. A recovering CPA, Clint promotes his message of entrepreneurship and small business as a frequent TV guest. The upcoming book, Beyond the Piggy Bank, will be released late 2014 and will help parents teach their children about money.

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Beyond The Piggybank

Beyond the Piggybank

A customizable roadmap for teaching financial wisdom to your children

The basics of parenting take up so much time and energy that teaching children about money often falls by the wayside. But in a world where financial illiteracy has become a crisis, and where many kids remain financially dependent well into adulthood, giving your children a financial education is more important then ever.

In Beyond the Piggybank, Clint Greenleaf — entrepreneur, CEO, CPA, and father of three — reveals what he learned in a survey of all the best literature and resources on children and money. He realized that there’s no “right” way to teach children about finances; instead, he decided to build a framework—a checklist of the important areas to cover, from allowances and earning money to saving and banking, that every parent can to tailor their own situations and values.

After encouraging parents to explore their own financial values and level of financial literacy, Greenleaf begins a chapter-by-chapter exploration of the framework, delivering further reading and resources along they way. By the book’s end, you’ll feel ready to make most important investment you’ll ever make: the time and effort you put into your child’s financial education.